When the warmth of wood meets the elegance of inlays

Flooma relies on expert artisans to create inspiring and stunning top-quality bespoke floors.
Wood is always the undisputed star of every project. It comes in different textures and finishes but always maintains its natural essence. We take care of every step of the process down to the slightest detail, from design, finishes, and inlays to the final layout.
We draw inspiration from nature and love experimenting with the harmonious movements of wood grains. Our square wooden blocks hint at natural elements, creating unique, high-impact, and contemporary patterns.

Skilled artisans take care of every detail

The warmth of our square wooden block floors is the perfect expression of the fine materials they’re made from.
Flooma plays with the harmonious effects of these materials, creating unique masterpieces focusing on transitional design as an expression of the precious atmosphere that only Italian artisanship can provide.

The highest quality standards you can check whenever you want

Flooma creates a warm and evocative atmosphere in any space, which can be customised to meet the requirements of even the most demanding project.
We guide our clients throughout the process, enhancing the value of their ideas. This is how we’ve become the perfect partner for architects, interior designers, and end clients.
Our floors are made to last and are the result of our passion and expertise.


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Станьте частью группы Flooma

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