Wooden parquet: Types

Wooden Parquet is a wonder of nature that is worked by man to become a work of art. Each plank is unique, with its own grain and hue, making it different from all others. In the past, wood flooring was reserved for luxury homes, but today it has become more accessible to all people thanks to the various types of wood flooring.
Each parquet plank is unique and has its own story to tell. Wood grain is the result of the tree’s growth, which is influenced by sunlight, climate and the soil in which it grows. Wood staining can be natural or can be obtained through the use of substances or varnishes.
Every time you walk on the parquet floor you get the feeling of warmth and coziness that only wood can convey. Its naturalness and ability to create a warm and welcoming environment make it ideal for homes of all styles, from rustic to modern.
Parquet represents the perfect union of beauty and functionality. Its thousand-year history has made it a symbol of elegance and taste, while its modernity makes it an indispensable element for any home that wishes to combine style and practicality.

Flooma offers different types of wooden parquet flooring:


Parquet planks flooring: is a wooden floor consisting of planks of different lengths. They are laid using an interlocking system that ensures their stability and strength. It is highly valued for its elegance, durability and ability to give a warm and welcoming atmosphere to a room.


Herringbone: a special type of wood flooring named after their characteristic shape. They consist of wooden planks arranged to create a zigzag pattern, with 45-degree angles. This type of flooring lends an elegant and refined atmosphere to a room and can be used in both modern and more traditional settings.


Squares: an elegant and versatile solution for covering the floor of any room. This type of flooring consists of wooden tiles arranged to form a unique and striking geometric pattern.
This type of flooring can be made in different styles, from the most classic to the most modern, adapting perfectly to any living context. In addition, wood is a natural and durable material that gives warmth and comfort to the room, making it cozy and pleasant to live with. Wood square flooring is definitely a sought-after design choice with great aesthetic impact.

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